Jumbo Bags (FIBC)

Standard 4 loop Bags, Single loop FIBC & Double loop FIBC, Container Bag for Coffee seeds and Asbestos, Sling bag for cement, [ More details ]   Top

Printed Polyethylene rolls

Our PE material comes in a variety of surface textures and is available in thicknesses from 0.008 to 0.125 gauge. We can extrude.. [ More details ]   Top

General purpose polyethylene sheets

Clear polyethylene sheeting comes on rolls up to 200 ft. in length. This plastic sheeting is commonly used as a vapour barrier.. [ More details ]   Top

PP and PET strap

Polyester strapping is designed for man y different applications from light and medium ..
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Heavy duty bags

High Density Merchandise bags are lightweight yet surprisingly strong. Available ... [ More details ]   Top


Nest Packaging LLC Providing a wide variety of custom made HDPE, LDPE ... [ More details ]   Top

PP woven customized

Woven polypropylene bags or simply woven PP bags are considered to be the toughest packaging bags, widely used to pack .. [ More details ]   Top

Polyolefin shrink films

POF shrink film is a great option for wrapping a large variety of products. The 60 gauge centre fold shrink film is... [ More details ]   Top

Pallet stretch wrap film

Extended Core: An extension of the film's core serves as a handle for wrapping; .....
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Bubble wrap rolls

All Bubbles Are Not Created Equal...The Difference Is In The Barrier! All air cellular packaging...
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Wooden Pallets

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Wooden Pallets. [ More details ]   Top

Brown Paper Bag(No handle)

All Occasion Paper Merchandise Bags with our exclusive best selling design.. [ More details ]   Top

Polyethylene bags

Easy to Pack—Use these poly bags and supplies to pack items of all sizes. From tiny hardware to large equipment, you'll find .. [ More details ]   Top

Polyethylene sheets

Polyethylene is the most common form of plastic used in a variety of packaging, industrial, and construction materials. .. [ More details ]   Top

BOPP adhesive tapes-Plain, Printed

BOPP packing tapes are some of the most commonly used tapes in shipping and inventory management today, and with good reason. . [ More details ]   Top

Garbage bags

Special embossed plastic film allows bags to be more elastic and give bags superior stretchable strength...
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Plastic Pallets

Nest Packaging LLC Supplies top quality plastic pallets ..
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Corrugated Boxes

We ar the leading supplier of Corrugated Boxes We ..
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