Custom Printed polyethylene bags

Easy to Pack—Use these poly bags and supplies to pack items of all sizes. From tiny hardware to large equipment, you'll find the perfect size and shape.

Flexible Capacity
Whether you're packing tiny hardware pieces or individual components, these poly bags and supplies can accommodate your needs. The lightweight bags are flexible, so they conform to the shape and size of the item. Protect your merchandise from scratches, dust, and damage with flat-pack bags that slide over each item. Select bubble-pack bags that provide extra space and cushioning for delicate items.

Product description:

High Visibility
These convenient bags are clear to enable maximum visibility. Whether you're displaying items for sale or storing them for later use, the bags allow you to identify the contents at a glance. Use shipping tags to distinguish between items that look similar to one another.

Easy Closure
Poly bags come with a variety of closure options to protect your items and streamline the packing process. Opt for self-seal or adhesive flap bags to keep products from slipping out as they are tossed around in the mail. If you require access to items after the initial seal, re closable bags make it easy to add or remove products. For open-top bags, choose twist ties for quick closure.

Quick Loading
These poly bags and supplies make it easy to pack items, so you spend less time preparing orders. Simply drop the items into the opening, seal, and send them on their way. Reduce the time you spend packing high-volume orders by choosing bags that tear off of a roll.