Garbage bags:

  • Special embossed plastic film allows bags to be more elastic and give bags superior stretchable strength
  • Puncture-resistant, leak-resistant and versatile
  • Biodegradable and recycled plastic garbage bags decompose in landfills in about a year
  • Made with natural additive that allows plastic to completely break down
  • Available in different sizes

Our biodegradable plastic trash bags completely decompose into natural elements, due to a natural additive in the plastic. They're made in the USA, manufactured from recycled plastic waste. Garbage bags are one of those things that can be hard to eliminate from even the most ardent reusable lifestyle.

Our 100%-recycled, biodegradable trash bags are the next best thing, helping minimize the impact of the bags you consume. Not only are they made of recycled waste, the bags also biodegrade completely into natural elements - unlike regular plastic bags which only photodegrade and remain in landfills for thousands of years.