FIBC Products

Standard 4 loop Bags:

FIBCs are one of the most cost effective and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. They can be produced from either tubular or flat polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics. These fabrics can be both coated or uncoated and vary in different weights depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL), or Safety Factor (SF).
An FIBC can be as simple as an open top with a flat base used commonly within the building industry or, as a high tech unit produced within a clean room production environment to be used within the food/pharmaceutical industries. Most importantly, each FIBC is manufactured to meet customer specific requirements.These bags come with a variety of webbing, lifting, filling and discharge options.

Single loop FIBC & Double loop FIBC:
One and two loop FIBCs are less complicated and more economical in comparison with the four loop FIBCs. They are produced from tubular body fabrics to withstand a higher breaking strength.
The top lifting points are wrapped with sleeves which can be manufactured in different colours for ease of product identification. Coloured sleeves also make the lifting points highly visiblefor truck operators enabling easy handling of the bags.

Container Bag for Coffee seeds and Asbestos
A single bag that form fits a FCL helps transport of bulk materials in containers without contamination. The bag has appropriate loops to be secured to the walls of the container before filling. Filling and discharge spouts are custom made to suit requirements.

Sling bag for cement
Sling bags are used in the transportation of 25-50kg aggregate of PP/HDPE sacks. Sling bags reduce handling of individual bags at various points thereby minimizing damages / wastage. Sling bag enables to carry multi piece loads up to 1500 kg safely. Top

Q-bag and Square bags for high grade chemicals
Q bag design is constructed utilizing inner baffles which help maintain the square shape of the FIBC after it has been filled. These baffles are manufactured specifically to allow the material to flow into the corners of the bag. Within this design mechanism and because of the cubic shape of the bag, the Qbag requires less storage space and can reduce transportation costs upto 30% in comparison with a standard big bag.

Conductive bag for transport of hazardous material.
Groundable FIBCs are also classifieded as Type C bags, which is our latest addition in our product line. It has been developed with technological collaboration from Turkey and the bags conform to UN Specifications. Type C bags are specifically manufactured for dry bulk materials that can create static energy during filling and discharging, which may cause an electrostatic discharge in the bag or on its surface. Presence of flammable dust or gas present during the filling and discharging process is a potential risk of fire or explosion. To prevent this hazard, Conductive FIBCs are the ideal solution. Type C FIBCs must be grounded during the filling and discharging.

Ventilated Jumbo Bags
These are specialized breathing bags for exclusive transport and long term storage of vegetables with a capacity of 500 to 2000kgs. The number, width and colour of ventilation is variable. Certainly we are proud to announce the world that we stand prominent in the market by the installation of the state-of-the-art looms for the manufacture of the ventilated jumbo bags.