Bubble wraps:

All Bubbles Are Not Created Equal...The Difference Is In The Barrier!
All air cellular packaging material is made from polyethylene. However, polyethylene alone does not provide good air retention over time or under a weight load. That’s why we use a co-extruded barrier that is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air than even a thick single layer of polyethylene. See how this works:

Strong Grade

Only 5% thickness loss after
15 days

Multi-Purpose Grade
Only 12% thickness loss after
15 days

Non-barrier Brand
49% thickness loss after
15 days.

Note: Bubble Wrap® Brand Limited Grade (not shown) has an average thickness loss of 17%

Sealed Air® Barrier Bubble® Technology Provides:

Superior Cushioning - Higher initial thickness and fullness
Longer Lasting Protection - Air retention layer maintains consistent cushioning throughout the shipping cycle
Reduced Packaging Costs - Less material required for better protection

Environmental Benefits:
Source Reduction - provides better protection using less packaging materials
Damage Reduction - eliminates the need to ship replacement products in additional packaging materials
Reusable - Air retention layer allows for multiple reuse
Recyclable - Can be recycled at eight Sealed Air sites and at other independent recyclers Top